First Night in the Camper

So, we spent our first night in the camper last night.  It wasn’t a very restful night.  After working on moving most of the rest of the stuff out of the house all day, I was exhausted and should have slept well, but that was not to be.  We have a 6 month old puppy and he still isn’t **quite** potty trained.  At the house, we had a play pen that he would go in at night so he wasn’t wandering the house making me wonder if he had peed somewhere.  I thought it was too big for the camper, but after last night, I’m thinking I won’t survive another night without it!  Every time he moved (and when he moved, the entire camper would move), I’d sit straight up and check on him.  One time, I heard squeaking and thought for sure it was a mouse, but it was the dog chewing on our daughter’s shoe.  Ugh.

Back to the house to clean today..  My favorite thing…  NOT

First Night in the Camper

At least the kids slept. And the cat looks happy

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