Hair removal at its worst

Being in the camper with the odd showering options results in a challenge when it comes to shaving one’s legs.  Today, I decided to try a cream hair removal instead of shaving.  I chose to utilize the sun shower and shower enclosure for this adventure.  I got in and lathered myself up with the thick lotion-like substance.  The bottle recommends that you do a test section before lathering your entire leg with the stuff, but I like to live on the edge.

Half way up one leg, I started to feel a burning sensation on my leg.  It was slight and I figured it was part of the experience.  I successfully got both legs all lathered up and tested a section to find out that the stuff actually works and works quickly!  Excited about the results, I started scrubbing and rubbing to try to get the stuff off.  It did not come off easily and I admittedly panicked a little bit.

After using up all 5 gallons of water in the sun shower, I felt confident that I had rinsed well enough.  I dried off and quickly realized the burning hadn’t stopped on the outside of my lower legs.

So, now I am left with a burning rash on both legs.  Guess I should have tried a test section…  At least I didn’t do my bikini zone!  Oh, and my legs are silky smooth!

Hair removal at its worst.

Another little tip….if this ever happens to you, do NOT put Benadryl cream on it…it hurts worse than the burn from the hair removal cream.  Holy hell, I almost cried when I put it on.



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4 Responses to Hair removal at its worst

  1. Jackie Cruz says:

    Oh no, I hope the pain went away sooner than later, that looks like very painful.

  2. admin says:

    Nope, 12 hours later and my legs are still on fire! Sean warned me against using the stuff, I should have listened!

  3. Mom says:

    Maybe some baking soda?

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