The little things

We have hot water!  Hot running water and a shower that is bigger than 2 feet square!  It’s wonderful!

In this lifestyle of living in the camper and being house-less, I find it’s the little things.  After toiling away on plumbing and  running into set back after set back, having running water (that drains!) is a wonderful thing.

Other wonderful “little things” I’ve discovered over the past three weeks:

Free wireless internet (thank you library and the laundromat)

Hamburger Helper (makes cooking in the camper easy and surprisingly delicious)

A good movie (when you have no Dish or cable, a good DVD is a wonderful thing)

Ice Cold Beer (I don’t really need to explain that one, do I?)

Paper plates/utensils (sorry environment, but these are a must have right now)

A hot shower (aaaaahhhhh)

Afternoon rain (the hot days are bearable when the afternoon rain comes)

And the number one “little thing” I am enjoying right now….a porch.  The farm house has a wonderful porch and I have found myself sitting on it every afternoon enjoying a beer or a magazine or just a break.  The breeze blows through, the flies stay out (it’s screened in…mostly…some of the screens are’t really “in” anymore), the quiet settles around you and you can just breathe…  I told Sean yesterday that the porch was my reset button.

As cliche as it sounds, I’ve been very appreciative of the little things.  They get me through and make me realize this little adventure really isn’t all that bad.  Oh, and the kids running around in their new overalls is just simply priceless!

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  1. mom says:

    Ahh! the porch!

  2. admin says:

    Love the porch!

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