Buzzing the tower

The farm house has another house on the property that burned down a while back.  The other night, I walked out by that house to show the youngest the hay bale picker-uper truck thingie (technical term) and heard a hissing sound coming from the burned out house.  I thought it may be gas or an aerosol can that decided to burst or something.  No such luck.  It was the water main.  It was late, so hubby turned all the water off (this shut the water to the main house off, too) and we went to bed.  The next morning, after two trips to the hardware store to get the right parts to fix it, he had it capped off and we were back in business.

While we were out fixing it, the crop duster was flying over.  It was dusting a crop South of the house and was turning right above us.  The kids were waving at the pilot and he was rocking his wings back and forth to wave back.  After 3 or 4 fly-overs, the pilot zoomed by and dropped a few cardboard weighted tissue paper stringers out of the plane.  We watched them flutter down and the kids squealed with excitement.  As I was retrieving one from the field, I noticed that the plane was coming back towards us at a very low altitude and heading straight towards where the kids were standing.  As we watched, he buzzed us no more than 50 feet from our heads and dropped more streamers.  It was utterly fantastic!  I’ve been to many air shows and never seen anything quite so awesome and the fact that he did it just for us was amazing.  The kids were thrilled and we relived the moment all day.

I thought of calling the company he was flying for and telling them to thank the pilot for us. I wanted him to know what an amazing experience it was for the kids, for all of us really.  I worried, though, that it may just be against company policy to buzz young children in your crop dusting plane and didn’t want him to get in trouble.  I hope he knows, somehow, how amazing it was for us and how it will be a memory the kids keep with them forever.

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  1. Mom says:

    What a lovely memory for everyone to have. Not the water leakage, the crop duster.

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