First Clean Up

We still haven’t heard anything on the house.  It is an extremely frustrating experience.  We are living at the house in our camper and looking longingly at it, but not able to do anything to it yet.  Tomorrow will be the beginning of the 6th week in the camper.   35 nights of camping.  I honestly can’t believe it…maybe I should stop counting…  I guess I thought by now we’d have at least a closing date, but we are no closer than we were 6 weeks ago.


We did take the weekend to clean the house out.  We ordered a huge roll-away dumpster and got down and dirty.  First off, we cleaned all the paint out of the basement.  61 gallons in one gallon buckets plus 5, 5 gallon buckets and 27 half gallon buckets.  Wow!  We took it all to our local household toxic waste recycling center.  They take 200 lbs a day, so we ended up having to make two trips.  Some of the paint dated back to the 1960’s!

Lots and lots of paint!

We also removed two water heaters from the basement…after moving them we realized why they were still down there.  Holy crap they were heavy.  I made hubby use his “Call a friend” lifeline for that one.  From the house, we removed not only the dust and trash, but also the carpet.  We’ve done this before in other houses and every time we do, we re-affirm why we will never have carpet in a house.  If you’ve ever pulled up carpet and seen all the stains on the back of it, you’ve probably reconsidered having it in your home, too.  I don’t care how clean you are, carpet is fu*king disgusting.  I cleaned up years of dust, mouse poop, dead mice, and thousands of miller moths over this past weekend and the carpet is the only thing that made me gag.  Shudder.

Ugh, gross – this carpet is only 4 years old and revolting.


By the end of the weekend, we had filled the dumpster.  What a great feeling!  Just cleaning up the dust and moths made the house look so much better!

Oh, and the hubby used the lawn tractorto mow the lawn we are trying to revive.  Pretty funny to see him trying to mow an area that has more dirt than grass, but I have to say it does look better.  Kind of like polishing a turd… Had to snap a pic of him and our youngest cruising along.

Mowing the dirt with dad.

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2 Responses to First Clean Up

  1. Becky Colvin says:

    I can’t believe you guys have still not closed on your house! I keep wondering when it’s going to happen, and find it humorous and a little sketchy that your starting to work on restoring it before you close on it. Your kinda squatting on it. Possession is 9/10ths of the law right?
    lol Good luck getting this finalized!!

    • admin says:

      Yes, it is very frustrating. We do have permission to be on the property from the owner and the bank knows we’re there, too. Most of the work we’ve done is cleaning, so not much cost to us. I do feel like a gypsy though…..

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