Funky…on so many levels

I feel badly that I haven’t posted anything for an entire week!  I guess when there is no news on the house yet and we can’t actually DO anything, there isn’t much to post.  Just the same day to day grind.

We did do something exciting this weekend, though.  We dumped the waste storage tanks in the camper.  Oooooh….I know you are so jealous.  We’ve actually not had to do this since we moved the camper to the house.  With the bathroom in the house working, we use the plumbing in the house and not in the camper.  But, with middle of the night bathroom emergencies and the occasional hand washing/teeth brushing in the camper….it was time.  We hooked up our home and drove to our nearest dump station.

Sean and I have developed a bit of a system when it comes to this disgusting task.  We have definitely learned the hard way with this and I’ll spare you that story.  Sean puts on his disposable gloves and hooks the dump hose up while I go inside and pull a fresh water hose in to rinse everything out once the tanks are empty.  While hooking everything up to get started, I had the NKOTB (New Kids on the Block – don’t judge) song “Funky Christmas” in my head.  I have no idea why….I probably haven’t heard the song in over 15 years.  Weird what your brain does to help you deal with situations you are in.

As Sean hooks up the dump hose my brain is singing “Danny D are you ready?  Ready as I’ll ever be.  Steady – you know Joey Joe is ready.  Jordan and John, yeah come on, we got a funky funky Christmas going on.”

Then I start to giggle.  I mean seriously what the fu*k?  Why in the hell is this going through my head on a hot August day while we are dumping the shit out of the camper?

“It’s Christmas, can you swing this?  Funky, dope jam top on your Christmas list, do you dig this?”

And why, after 15-20 years do I still know the goddamned lyrics?

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  1. Mom says:

    “Hit it with your best shot! Fire Away!”

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