Well, the past week has brought the most dramatic roller coaster of this entire process.  One day, we thought we had come to an agreement with the bank.  The next, we thought we didn’t have an agreement.  Then we were in limbo for a few days with no clue what was going to happen.  Yesterday, we thought there was a good chance we were facing buying the house at auction.  Today, we find out the auction has been postponed.  The bank told us that they could not postpone the auction unless there was an agreed upon price, so they must have agreed to our pricing from yesterday.  This is fantastic news, but I am still having trouble rejoicing.

I have experienced the stages of stress, sometimes within the same day…hour…minute.

Stage 1-Alarm -What do you mean they need ANOTHER BPO?  What the hell?  Don’t they realize the auction is a week away?  Apparently at this moment, my body is releasing hormones to give me energy to deal with the stress.  I usually experience this stress on a phone call.  To deal with this stress and hormone dump, I pace.  I really wish I’d worn a pedometer because I bet I’ve walked 10 miles in the past two months pacing while on the phone hearing stressful news.  I think there is a wear mark on the floor of the shop from my incessant pacing.  Then I get out of breath and huff and puff and it gets really embarrassing.

Stage 2-Resistance-It’s ok, this broker will see how much there is to do here.  They’ll give an appropriate price.  Everything will be fine.  At this moment, the hormones are receding, my body is returning to normal.  I start to convince myself everything will be ok.  I talk myself off the ledge so-to-speak.

Stage 3-Exhaustion-How in the hell did the broker say it was worth more now?  They want HOW much now?  You’re kidding me!  By now, my body is losing its energy reserves and I’m simply exhausted.  Apparently this stage has a serious effect on my hippocampus.  I guess that’s part of your brain.  I didn’t even know I had a hippocampus.  Sounds like a college for hippos.  Can you tell I’m in this stage now?

I think we are finally coming to a close on this stress, however.  We should receive our short sale approval letter today and a closing date will follow shortly.  In the mean time, we have lots of work to do in order to get the house to appraise.  I’m actually really excited about getting to work.  It’s something that’s actually in our control!

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  1. Mom says:

    If you’re seeing a campus full of hippos, run!!!! They’re not very nice despite their most excellent dancing in Fantasia

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