Closing Day!

Well, the day finally arrived!  We closed on the house today!  Hooray, you think!  Good for you, you think!  So happy for you all, you think!

Not so fast….

First off, let me explain why I haven’t blogged in, like….forever…  We received word that the seller’s bank accepted our offer and that we were closing on September 10th.  We **hoped** that we could put off closing until mid-November so we could work on the house to get the appraisal up to what we offered.  No such luck.  The bank said they would not postpone the next auction sale date.  The next auction sale date was October 17th.  So, we have spent the past 4 weeks putting in a kitchen, a bathroom, repairing the foundation, replacing all the plumbing and electric, painting, refinishing floors, repairing plaster…..exhausted yet?  Understand why I haven’t blogged in a while?  Last weekend, the appraiser came and, in no uncertain terms, told us we had nothing to worry about.  The rest of the week was a waiting game for today.

Today, we showed up at the title company early, signed our life away, and left happy.  We felt that the journey to buying the house was finally over.  Big sigh of relief.  Today, as we installed the tin ceiling in the kitchen, we had a different aura around us.  We felt calm, confident…we were no longer house-less, we finally OWNED the house we worked so hard for.  The house we moved mountains for, the house we took insane risks for.  We could breathe and just have every day, normal stress.  No longer did we have to stress about owning this home!

HA!  Nothing comes easy when it comes to this journey!  One more test is ahead of us!

Tonight, when we looked at the County Trustee’s web site, the house was listed for auction on the 17th.  This wasn’t a huge surprise, it’s a lot to ask to close on the day the list comes out and expect all the money transfers/paperwork to be posted by 4pm.  What did surprise us was:  The price – the bank was asking $15,000 less than what they told us was their BOTTOM line to buy the house.  How is that even legal?  How can Greentree financial be a legitimate company and pull crap like that?  The bottom price to us as a short sale buyer is MORE than the price at auction?  So, Greentree financial would rather have another foreclosure on its books than sell the house as a short sale?  Bullsh*t…  The second surprise???  When a house goes on the auction sale list, people drive by and leer at it.  They are quite pushy about their leering, too.  Even though WE know it won’t go to auction, the general public doesn’t.  So, those who frequent these county auctions and buy houses at a low price to turn around and sell them for profit go look at the houses set to sell.  They drive by slowly, I hear they even break in to houses that are vacant to look at them.  Needless to say, I will be at the house all day tomorrow and won’t be shy about telling anyone who drives by slowly or tries to break in to buzz the hell off!!!

Don’t drop in unexpectedly tomorrow…you may be in for a surprise yourself!

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2 Responses to Closing Day!

  1. Mom says:

    I think a phone call is in order before a visit. At least for the next billion years or so!

  2. Aunt Jane says:

    i promised that we will call whenever we come by to visit….don’t want to be greeted by an angry woman with a loaded weapon in her hands….which she happens to know how to use. i promise that it will be ok…or i’ll come up there and fix it.

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