Carried over the threshold

When my husband and I were married, friends of ours had performed a “chivaree” at our house.  All the labels were removed from all the canned goods, all the contents in the cabinets and drawers had been moved to different places, wall hangings had been turned upside down, furniture had been moved to different rooms and placed upside down.  Neither of us had heard of the tradition before and when we opened the door to the house, we thought we had been robbed because everything was disrupted.  In our surprise and haste to figure out what had happened, we neglected the far more well-known tradition of the new husband carrying his new wife over the threshold.

It is something we’ve joked about since, but I think both of us always regretted that we missed that little detail.

Yesterday, after closing on the house I was outside painting tin ceiling tiles and hubby was holding the front door open for me.  After carrying in the last one, he swept my off my feet and walked me through the front door!  Aww!  I got all choked up!  So, after nearly 14 years of marriage, we fulfilled the tradition.

Oh, and performing a chivaree to your friends while they are on their honeymoon is just plain mean!  😉

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  1. Mom says:

    So sweet! Got me all choked up as well.

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