I miss the camper…

We spent the first night in the house on Friday night.  I had mixed emotions.  On Thursday, the kids really wanted to sleep in the house and I just wasn’t ready.  I made up some excuse about having all the breakfast food and lunch food in the camper and wouldn’t it be easier if we just slept in the camper one more night??  The reality was that I was sort of scared to leave the comfort of the camper.  It’s been our home for over three months.  We’ve bonded, formed memories, become closer in the camper.  Crazy pants, huh?

I enjoyed it in the house Friday, though, and was happy to sleep on my memory foam mattress again.  Hips and shoulders didn’t hurt in the morning…celebrate!  We don’t *quite* have the electric updated in the whole house yet, so there are only two lights upstairs.  One in the eldest’s room and one in the bathroom.  Ok…we did have two lights upstairs, now we have no lights upstairs.  Today, we set out to replace all the electric to the lights upstairs and didn’t quite have time to get it all done.  So, now we have a light plugged into a loooong extension chord that goes to a known safe plug in for light upstairs.  When I got home after dark and needed to take a shower, I had to string the light into the bathroom and shower in a very “Psycho”-like environment.

Like this:

Me showering tonight


It was good that we took this on, though.  All the electric upstairs was the old knob and tube style and was very dangerous.  The last thing we need is to go through all this to get this house and it burn down because of faulty wiring.

It’s funny how living in the camper forced us to make more with less, but tonight I miss the things that made life easy like being able to charge my phone by the bed so I can play games in bed.  Or the slight rock of the entire camper caused by any little movement of any thing living…weather be human or animal or insect…rocking me to sleep at night.

Or lights…



If you want to see some before pics, I’ve finally posted some.  More to come in the next few days as well as some afters!


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  1. Mom says:

    Creepy shower shot. Looks like a knife behind you…..EEEEEEEEEEK!

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