Symbolic Day

Kind of a symbolic day around here today.  After serving us as our home for 102 days, providing us with cool air in the summer and heat when it cooled down, putting a roof over our heads, and being a place where memories were shared and bonds were formed….the camper was moved today.  Moved from its place of posterity close to the house to banishment behind the barn.


We opened up a garage that we had not yet opened after moving the camper so we could sotre the hitch and found even MORE crap to throw away stored in that garage.  Joy.

On the up side, hubby now has his parking spot.  At the old house, we had room for two cars to park.  I would park wherever I felt like it and would “switch spots” frequently.  It wasn’t until after we moved that hubby told me he hated it when I would park in “his” spot.  I don’t even know which spot was “his”, but apparently I parked in it more than he would have liked.  So, once we got to this house, there was some discussion as to where each of us would be parking.  I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this, but in hind sight I probably should have.  I *guess* this will be my parking spot for, like, forever.

Anyway, “my” spot is where the camper was parked.  I don’t know what stressed hubby out more….looking at the camper on a daily basis or not being able to park in “his” spot consistently.  He fixed both stressors today by moving the camper out out behind the barn.  Out of sight.

He saw symbolism in the move.  The end of an era.  The end of a home on wheels, the beginning of living in our forever home.  The knowledge that our days of uncertainty and stress over whether we are getting the house or not are over.  The reality that our home is here now.  That we actually OWN this home now.  

I saw the commitment of a life long parking spot.


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2 Responses to Symbolic Day

  1. Mom says:

    Life long parking spot! I hope you like it!? Just for fun, next time I come, I’ll park in his spot…or maybe yours so you have to park in his. Heh, heh, heh!

  2. Aunt Jane says:

    I love my sister!! Remember that when he is out of town, it won’t matter where you park! “my” spot has ALWAYS been closest to the most convenient door to get into the house with the least amount of hassle, rain, snow, dirt and stuff. It’s all good.

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