The vision continues

Hubby has a vision.  A John Deere vision.  It may be silly and unreasonable at times, but it’s harmless and makes him happy, so I don’t judge.  I poke fun at times, but I support the vision.  It seeps in to the kitchen and outside to the mailbox.

We’ve known since the beginning that we likely needed a proper tractor.  There is so much clean up to do and while we could get it done without a tractor, having one would make life much easier.  That and the light in hubby’s eyes when he talked about a tractor would warm anyone’s heart.  Still, $20,000 for a tractor was just not in the budget.

We’ve been married nearly 14 years, so I knew from the tone of his voice when he called me last week that he was excited about something.  We discussed a couple things about work, then I heard him take a deep breath and say “I was leaving an appointment and saw a tractor parked in front of a house like it was for sale…”  Oh, dear, here we go.  He proceeded to tell me about the tractor, his interaction with the homeowner (who was not the tractor owner), the message he left the tractor owner, more about the tractor…..the most important detail being that it was a John Deere.  Tractor research, budget, and negotiations commenced…

Aaaaannnnndddd……Two Days Later…..

Hubby backing the new tractor off the trailer.

So, we are the proud owners of a *new to us* tractor.  As soon as it was off the trailer, hubby started moving gravel around in the driveway and a couple days ago, he taught me how to drive it.  It’s amazing how much fun driving a tractor can be.  The power!  The strength!  The hydraulics!  The smell of diesel as you putt around!  Awesome.

The lawn mower….I mean lawn tractor….has been upstaged.

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  1. seanjaehn says:

    Now thats funny

  2. seanjaehn says:

    So now that I have a fleet of john deeres the work can begin

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