This one’s….not for John

We are Denver Bronco fans.  It even affects how we choose projects around the house sometimes.  We unabashedly brainwash our kids with the orange and blue.  John Elway is king and Sundays are planned around football games.

In our old house, we had a Fathead up in our son’s room of John Elway.  It was so cool, larger than life and in your face.  It was from back in the day, Johnny boy looked young and ready to win some Super Bowls.  When we moved, I went to Fathead’s web site and followed their instructions for moving Mr. Elway.  I carefully put him on a shower curtain, rolled him around a tube, and made sure he stayed safe and un-crunched in the move.

Once we got the youngest’s room done, we were excited to get John in his rightful place on the wall.  When we started unrolling him, we had an impending sense of doom.  Johnny didn’t look so good.  His young face was wrinkly, his uniform looked as if it had gone through war.  Still, we hoped….

We got him up on the wall and thought that maybe a hairdryer would warm the decal and it would lay on the wall happily.  Initially, it was looking pretty good.  Wrinkles were laying down, bubbles were easily sliding out the edges….we thought maybe, just maybe Johnny boy was going to “stick” around (see what I did there?  Haha).  We joked that we would come in in the morning and he would be all crumpled on the floor.

Well, crumpled on the floor he was not, but I would not say he was in good condition either.  I will spare you the agony of looking at a wrinkled John Elway Fathead….it’s really quite sad.  You can see a little edge of him here:

Poor peeling Johnny

*That cool piece of furniture is a gentleman’s dresser.  We found it at an antique store.  It’s cool, huh?*

Needless to say, Johnny had to come down.  There was a dirty mark around where he was on the wall from our grubby fingers trying to mash the sticker on the wall, but all other traces of him are gone.  Worse is that Fathead no longer has a John Elway graphic available to purchase.  Sad day.

Here’s his replacement:


Not too bad!

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  2. Mom says:

    Love the fighter jet. Too bad the John Elway fathead wasn’t a fighter too….well, jets are cool too!

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