The bathroom that wasn’t….is. Before and after

This project was completed a loooong time ago, but I haven’t posted about it yet.  When we looked at this house, there was a room that was once a bathroom.  At least I think that’s what it once was.  It looked like this:

Bathroom or portal to hell?

See how there’s no floor?  Literally, no floor?  That’s how it was BEFORE we got here.  The story I got from the previous owner was that the owner before her would lock the cats into this bathroom and they peed all over.  Apparently the floor was soaked with urine and reeked, so they tore it up.  Glad they did that job for us!  Ew.

We thought of just keeping the door shut for….forever, but decided the appraiser wouldn’t like that very much.  So, this was a room that we actually finished before we bought the house.  Risky, huh?

Entrance to bathroom

And after..


If you’re interested here’s where you can get the sink, and bathroom faucet.  We got the toilet and hex tiles from Lowe’s.  The push button light switches match the originals, but are new.  We put these in the kitchen, too and got them here.

Here’s my favorite part:

Clawfoot shower!

Yep, a clawfoot shower!  I’ve always wanted one and was super excited to have the chance to get one with this restoration.  We did shut off the extra door.  It connected to a room that was probably once a bedroom, but we are using it as a breakfast room and it made more sense to have the shower in the corner.  I got this at, but I don’t see it on their site anymore.  I’m sure you can still get them elsewhere, but apparently not there anymore!

It’s great to have two working bathrooms in the house.  I’m glad we didn’t decide to just seal this one off!

Entry into bathroom before and after

Shower area before and after


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4 Responses to The bathroom that wasn’t….is. Before and after

  1. Boudica says:

    WOW Rella & Majic Man, you guys did a great job! I love your before and after pics. I miss you guys. Looks like you’re keeping busy!

  2. Mom says:

    Pictures only tell part of the story. The blood, sweat and tears are in there as well. Along with the giant leap in faith you both took getting it done before you even bought it! Great work you two!

  3. Sandy Walby says:

    Looks great Annette. Love the crawfoot tub/shower!

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