Cat Box Camouflage

Problem 1:  Cat likes to poop and, despite scratching at the litter for 5 minutes afterwards, tends to leave the poop uncovered.

Problem 2: Dogs think cat poop tastes like delectable nuggets of savory goodness.

So……how to close down the cat litter buffet?

Step one:  Find an old dresser

Old dresser – hubby had this before we were married

Step two:  Remove bottom drawers and railing between the drawers

Step three:  Talk your husband into making a door that will fit the opening created by removing the drawers.

Step four:  Cut a hole in the side for the cat to enter/exit.

Step four:  Paint dresser, add some pretty new drawer pulls and voila!

Oooh! What a pretty piece of furniture! What could be behind the door?

Hidden cat box!

The fancy part of the middle of the door I found at Home Depot by the screen door aisle.  I think it is suppose to go in a screen door as a decorative piece.  It wasn’t cheap ($18, I think), but I wanted something that would look nice and would help with ventilation.  The cat box itself is a large storage tote with a hole cut in one side so the cat can enter/exit and a hole in the front to help with cleaning.

The cat has taken to the box no problem and the dogs have resorted to eating each other’s poo instead of the cat’s.  Sigh.

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4 Responses to Cat Box Camouflage

  1. Laura says:

    Brilliant! And then you can use the top drawer for pooper scooper storage! Because that’s always awkwardly icky.

  2. Mom says:

    Important to separate the pooper scooper and the food!

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