Before and after – The creepy closet

The eldest’s room was a pretty easy re-do.  (Full before and after here)  There was some texture on the walls we re-skimmed, the floors were re-finished, and everything was painted, but there was one drastic transformation….the closet.

I think the closet may have been an after thought.  It is sort of popped out on the back roof, the ceilings are very low, the wall between the room and the closet is obviously an exterior wall….  Anyway, this is what the closet looked like when we got here…

The creepy closet…before

The eldest didn’t think she would ever be able to use this closet.  She would not sleep in her room with the closet door open…she worried about spiders…big green monsters….

We started by ripping out the plaster.  We went all the way down to the lath in the entire closet and put up drywall.  We also refinished the hard woods when we did the rest of the room.  A little creative shelving and some hooks and……

Not so creepy!

Voila!  She has actually been able to keep it pretty clean and organized, too!  That’s amazing in itself, since she is not the cleanest creature in the house.

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  1. patjaehn says:

    Great use of space and nice storage. Good job.

  2. mom says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it!

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