Tractor Love

I love driving the tractor.  It makes me happy.  I can’t explain it, it just does.  I wish I had more to do on the tractor.  I wish I had a field to plow, plant, and harvest so I could spend more quality time with the tractor.  Our tractor is used mostly for moving stuff.  Trash, branches, rocks….stuff.  Hubby likes to get in it and grade the driveway, but I am not very talented with the road scraper, so I use it to move stuff.

The lawn tractor (known to most as a lawn mower) is not bad to use, but it isn’t the same as the tractor.  Sure, it is easier to mow the lawn sitting down and the trailer has been useful, but it is no tractor.  Even calling it a lawn tractor offends tractors everywhere.

Last Sunday, I really wanted to move this big bunch of rocks that were in the middle of the garden.  I figured it was the perfect excuse to use the tractor.   The kids were helping load the little rocks, directing me, and learning how to tilt and lift the bucket on the tractor.  At one point, I went under the bucket to grab something as the youngest decided to drop the bucket a bit…as I felt the bucket push the fabric of my hat down on my scalp, I let out a blood curdling scream and moved faster than I think I ever have before.  My life truly flashed before my eyes.  When I realized that I was not only alive, but unharmed I tried to talk my heart into slowing down.

We had a little safety meeting after that little incident.  Then, we got back to moving stuff.  That morning, I discovered that the tractor brings joy to all the members of this household.  Our son likes to work the bucket and has gotten quite good at it already.  Our daughter is content to just ride along.  Hubby and I see it as free therapy.

Yesterday, hubby took the tractor to the John Deere dealership to have some maintenance done.  I can’t tell you how jealous I was that he got to drive that awesome machine all the way to the dealership.  It has a highway mode so you can drive like the wind (a whopping 25-30 miles per hour-yee haw!) down the road.  I bet he was grinning the whole way.

I miss seeing our tractor parked in the barn.  Hopefully it will be home soon.  Maybe I can be the one to drive it back home…..

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2 Responses to Tractor Love

  1. Kay says:

    That’s some funny stuff but actually I always loved tractor work. When dad farmed, I spent hours out in the fields doing various stuff with the tractors.

    Tractor safety is important. When ever dad had to work on a baler or cutter or anything that had moving parts on the 3 point I would always go be his assistant so I could turn it off fast if something happened, like stand right there with my hand on the lever.

    To be honest, I have tractor envy. That little gem you have is the perfect tractor for small acreages. That and it’s so darn cute!

  2. Mom says:

    Piloting a tractor was always on my “bucket” list, yes pun intended! Then it happened and I loved it! Now, it’s wasn’t as cute as yours but I did get to level the race track. Now, there’s some cool stuff! Oh yes, no more under the bucket and no going out alone!

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