Manly Men

Our house is always in a state of construction.  It is difficult to live in a house that always has something torn up.  One thing we are missing is a proper “family room”.  We don’t really have a good place to watch TV as a family.  This house just wasn’t set up for TV.  Not one room has the right configuration.  That, and a huge television looks so out of place in a house built in 1901.

Our family room ideas have changed many times since we bought the house.  Once, we thought we’d transform a small room off the kitchen into a theater room.  That idea was nixed when we realized the room really wasn’t big enough and it would make a really great office/craft room.  Then, we thought we’d turn one of the out buildings into a tavern and have our TV there.  That idea didn’t last long as we doubted we’d want to traipse outside to watch TV as a family.  Next, we decided the front room would have to work as the family room.  But, with so many doors and windows, it was tough to make that work.  Finally, we decided the den would be the family room.

Now, when I say den, you need to understand that hubby had a vision for the den.  He envisioned a manly room.  A room where he could have his hunting gear, his dead animal heads, his gun safe…  Like Ron Burgandy, there would be “many leather bound books and smell of rich mahogany.”  There would be aged scotch in decanters….not to drink, just for appearances.  Men’s voices would drop an octave when they entered the room.  Women would revert back to 1950 “Stepford Wife” behavior when entering.  So, the thought of it becoming a “family room” where kids and women were welcome was a bit disappointing form him.  But, alas, we saw no other choice.

Even though the den-now-family room hasn’t been restored, we moved in the couch and TV.  For a few weeks now, we’ve been using that room as a family room.  Watching TV, spending time, eating popcorn….  On occasion, I get a wild hair and pick up some yarn and a crochet hook.  With Christmas approaching, I’ve been working on some things that may or may not be done in time.  It keeps me occupied while hubby watches sports or hunting shows.  The other night, hubby looked at me and said “When I envisioned what I wanted for this den, I did not think there would ever be yarn in here”.

We are now rethinking where we want the family room.  Manly man needs his space.

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  1. Mom says:

    Get camo yarn and crochet hook and he’d never see it.

  2. Mom says:

    Camo yarn???

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