Not a morning person

I’m not, and never have been, what you’d call a morning person.  It seems like I am less of a morning person the older I get.  This isn’t to say that I don’t get up early every day.  It just means I’m not happy about it.

Hubby, however, loves mornings.  They’re his favorite!  He likes to wake me up, chat with me about whatever is rolling around in his brain, and get going no later than 7 am.  Even on Saturdays!  I may be awake by 7, but I don’t really want to talk to anyone until at least 10.

This bathroom project has brought out the worst in me.  I have been so grumpy every morning we’ve worked that I finally decided to be as quiet as possible so I don’t say something I’d regret.  Seriously, though, we’ve been doing some of the crappiest work.  We spent an entire day ripping up flooring and didn’t even finish the job.  Another day we finished flooring and ripped out old pipes.  Again, we didn’t finish the job.  The next day, we spent putting the new drain pipes in and installing the new flooring.  All of this work was done on our knees or bent over.  Much of the work was done while walking on floor joists like a circus tightrope walker.  It was like some sort of sick, twisted game of bathroom Twister.

How can you be happy heading into this mess?

How can you be happy heading into this mess?

Add to that fact that it’s friggin’ cold and snowy outside, so every time we need a tool or a piece of wood cut, I have to go outside in that crap!

Finishing up this project didn’t get any easier.  The lock we installed on the door took hours instead of minutes to install.  The brand new faucet leaked.  We cut the support for the shower ring too short.  The back of the sink cabinet didn’t fit over the plumbing the first time.  The brand new toilet kept running.  Ugh, what a nightmare!  I mean, you’d think that we had never completed a home improvement project before!

Our two hour door lock

Our two hour door lock

The good news is, we’re finally done.  The project is finally completed.  Even better, we’re still married!  Before and afters to come soon!

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