Here we go again

It’s starting again. It’s cold. It’s snowy. No golfing, no days at the pool, no lawn to mow, no weeds to spray. Spring seems a long ways away. Hubby is getting twitchy. I can feel it.

It starts with an innocent remark. “What’s a good inside project we can do this winter?” We discuss the things that are left to do in the house, but I know he already knows what he wants to tackle. His mind is made up. The more work we do, the fewer rooms there are to finish, so there aren’t many choices.

Then, he starts wandering around, looking at his options. My heart rate starts to quicken.

Next, are the remarks about what exactly would need to be done….demolition, drywall and plaster, wallpaper removal, paint, floor refinishing….. My anxiety levels rise.

After that comes the discussion of budget and time. Can we afford to have help? Would it cost less to do it this way? Could we get it done before spring?

Does anyone have a Xanax?

I can feel myself resisting. The problem is, it’s not just one room that’s being done. That one room affects the entire house. The “stuff” in that room has to go somewhere which means it gets moved to another room and now room #2 is unusable. The construction mess is difficult to contain. Drywall dust spreads like nothing else. Every spare minute goes towards construction. No days lazing around watching movies all day.

The reality is that it needs to get done. We have to finish restoring this house at some point. So, here we go, friends! Wish us luck!

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