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Totes Ma Goats!

Last spring, I went to a butchery class at a local “Farmette”. The butchery class was interesting, but I really took a lot from the lady who ran the Farmette. She was absolutely inspirational! She was living a life I … Continue reading

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Here we go again

It’s starting again. It’s cold. It’s snowy. No golfing, no days at the pool, no lawn to mow, no weeds to spray. Spring seems a long ways away. Hubby is getting twitchy. I can feel it. It starts with an … Continue reading

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Fulfilling a Vision

Everyone needs to have a vision. A goal. Something to strive for. Sometimes it’s something small, but achieving it brings you joy. For example, hubby wanted to own all John Deere Tractors. Cost and quality be damned! (Not that John … Continue reading

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Bathroom Before and After

We completed the bathroom upstairs this winter, but I have yet to post pictures.  This project was one of the toughest (emotionally) for me.  I think part of it is because the room was functional and could have been completed … Continue reading

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Eating our dessert first

A while back, hubby obtained a windmill head from a farm where he hunts.  We thought, years down the road, it would be a cool addition to our farmstead.  You know, after everything else was done.  That’s when we would … Continue reading

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Not a morning person

I’m not, and never have been, what you’d call a morning person.  It seems like I am less of a morning person the older I get.  This isn’t to say that I don’t get up early every day.  It just … Continue reading

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Bathroom hell

“Let’s redo the bathroom instead of getting each other Christmas gifts this year!” he said. “It’ll be fun!” he said. Actually, it may have been my idea all along.  Not that I didn’t need to think about it a bit. … Continue reading

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I guess we’re horse people now

My parents are horse people.  It hasn’t always been that way.  They became horse people recently.  Remember when you were little and wanted a pony?  Well, my parents decided they wanted the pony when they were just a little (a … Continue reading

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More Like Sour Beets

Recently, I learned what a Jake Brake is.  I learned about it because starting as early as 2 a.m. and going all day long, I heard the loud, sputtering, Jake Brakes being used as they roared past our house.  You … Continue reading

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Been a long long time…

I just saw that I haven’t written since July.  I miss writing, I miss the therapy it provides, and I miss my friends making fun of me after I write. So, what’s the problem?  I guess it’s that so much … Continue reading

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