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Here we go again

It’s starting again. It’s cold. It’s snowy. No golfing, no days at the pool, no lawn to mow, no weeds to spray. Spring seems a long ways away. Hubby is getting twitchy. I can feel it. It starts with an … Continue reading

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Fulfilling a Vision

Everyone needs to have a vision. A goal. Something to strive for. Sometimes it’s something small, but achieving it brings you joy. For example, hubby wanted to own all John Deere Tractors. Cost and quality be damned! (Not that John … Continue reading

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Eating our dessert first

A while back, hubby obtained a windmill head from a farm where he hunts.  We thought, years down the road, it would be a cool addition to our farmstead.  You know, after everything else was done.  That’s when we would … Continue reading

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More Like Sour Beets

Recently, I learned what a Jake Brake is.  I learned about it because starting as early as 2 a.m. and going all day long, I heard the loud, sputtering, Jake Brakes being used as they roared past our house.  You … Continue reading

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The history of a historic home

One thing that interests us about old houses is the history of the home.  Who lived there?  What did they do?  What are their stories?  I have always felt that our homes have “spoken” to us.  I have walked into … Continue reading

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Zombie Moths

I haven’t written in a while.  I’m so sorry. I’ve been at war. War with an army.  An army of army cutworm moths, that is.  Otherwise known as “miller moths”. One of the disadvantages of living in a drafty, poorly … Continue reading

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There must be a hole in my kid gloves…

If ya didn’t know…..I have an animal science degree from Colorado State.  I worked in veterinary hospitals as an assistant/technician starting at the age of 16.  I still occasionally assist a friend who is a house call veterinarian.  I know … Continue reading

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Wallpaper Part Two

It seems like the wallpaper challenge did not end with wallpaper location.  The challenge had really only begun. Someone once told me that if you want to test the strength of your marriage…..hang wallpaper together.  Hubby and I have tackled … Continue reading

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Floor refinishing Frenzy!

We’ve refinished lots of floors in our restoration history.  The first house we bought had hardwoods hidden under the carpet.  To conserve money, we decided to tackle the refinishing ourselves.  We ended up refinishing them three times before we were … Continue reading

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I love caulk

Oh, the joys of caulk.  I don’t know why a day squeezing caulk into crevices brings me such joy. Boy is it going to be hard to write this while limiting puns and dick jokes.  Seriously, a post about caulk… … Continue reading

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