A man and his vision

We invested in our first big purchase for the farm.  Even though it’s not technically “ours” yet, we are confident it will be soon enough and even if it doesn’t pan out, we’ll use this purchase anywhere we go.  Or, that was the logic Sean presented to me so I would allow the purchase to go through.

We bought a lawn tractor.  No, not a lawn mower (or, as the eldest would say “mawn lower”), a lawn tractor.  Get it right.

I did some research online and found a mower…ahem, I mean tractor…that I thought would be our best buy.  A Husqvarna with 24 horsepower and a 48” deck.  Bad ass orange and I didn’t even care that I couldn’t pronounce the brand.  Sean was really wanting a John Deere, but the John Deere at the same price had less horsepower and was smaller.  We went to Lowes and asked our friendly Lowes salesperson his opinion about the lawn tractors they offered.  Here’s how the conversation went…

Sean:                     “What’s your opinion on these?”

Salesguy:             “Well, the John Deere is a fine machine…but…the Husqvarna has more horsepower, is larger, has a way better warranty, the engine is completely made in America, and is the same price.  I’d get the Husqvarna.”

Sean:                     “I’ll take the John Deere.”

Later, when I asked why he chose the John Deere, he replied “I have a vision”.

Let the man have his vision, I say.

Our first big purchase for the house we don’t yet won. A lawn mower….I mean lawn tractor.

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