No Plan B

Last night marked 6 full weeks itn the camper.  I thought we would at least by now have a closing date on the house, but no such luck.  I am a “Type A” personality, so living like this is very difficult for me.  Last night, I sat the hubby down…here’s how the conversation went…

Me:  “What if?  What if we don’t get this house?  Where will we live?  Will we rent?  What will we be looking for?”

Hubby:  “Did you hear the interview with John Elway when he was talking about Peyton Manning as the Broncos new quarterback?”

Me:  “No.”

Him:  “When a reporter asked John Elway what “Plan B” was if Peyton Manning didn’t work out as a Quarterback for the Broncos, he said ‘Plan B?  I don’t have a Plan B…“”

Me:  “Uh Huh…”

Him:  “We don’t have a Plan B.”

Well shit.  That’s not very helpful, is it?  No Plan B…It worked for the A Team, who knows if it will for the Broncos and who knows if it will work for us.  Maybe I should have T shirts made up…

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