Blowing in the wind

Well, we survived the Spring Blizzard of 2013.  I think we got all of 4 inches of snow.  Big effin’ deal..  Funny how the news outlets seemed to get very defensive of their forecast as the day went on.  Multiple news outlets explained that a “blizzard” is defined more by the wind than the snow accumulation.  Well, we didn’t really get the snow, but we sure as hell got the wind.   The kids got a snow day, though, so not all was lost.  Fun afternoon of watching Jaws and eating popcorn.

We’ve lived in 3 old houses over the past 14 years, but the previous 2 were in town.  I think in town, even when it is windy, it’s never too bad.  Out here, there is no protection from the elements.  I thought I knew what “drafty” meant, but I was sadly mistaken.  THIS house is drafty.

On Monday night, we were sitting watching TV watching the drapes literallybillow from the wind blowing in.  Our daughter’s room had a pile of SNOW that blew in from the cracks in the window.  Two full snowballs worth of snow.  We could have had a mini snowball fight in her room!  Nearly all of the windows had a layer of dirt on the window sills.  One of the doors had so much dirt blown in, you could start a garden in front of the door.

Um, guess we have some insulation and window repairs to do this summer!

Hope everyone else survived the “storm” and enjoyed their snow day.  We’ve finished the eldest’s room except for a few details.  I hope to get it finished this weekend so I can show you another before/after!

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  1. Kay says:

    That wind was CRAZY! Yes, the wind does blow harder in the country. Last year we had a window open and a big dust storm rolled in, it was disgusting! It’s really hard to keep it warm in an old house when the wind is howling. It’s one of the drawbacks to country life but the drawbacks are worth it.

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