Scraping Away

This summer, we’ve been working on the exterior of the house.  At some point between 1960 and 1994, vinyl siding was installed over the original wood siding.  We think this was probably done because it was thought it would improve the insulation in the house and because it would reduce maintenance.  It was probably a good thing as it protected the original siding from the elements in the years this house was neglected.  Originally, we intended to only replace the sections of the roof that needed it this summer.  That turned in to needing to replace flashings and improve water proofing.  We didn’t want to water proof to the vinyl siding, so we decided to tear off all the vinyl siding.  Then, we didn’t want to prep and paint the old siding over brand new roofing, so the project turned in to scraping, sanding, and painting all the existing siding.

Oh, how one thing just rolls into another in an old house.  Removing the siding on the front porch (or veranda as we like to call it – we’re very upscale, you know) uncovered the fact that the entire porch was resting on extremely shaky, rotted out columns.  One of the corners of the porch was being held up by a 1 inch piece of wood.  We ended up jacking up the porch, pouring new footings, and placing all new supports.  If we didn’t there was a real possibility the entire porch would slide off the house.

Then, it was back to preparing the original siding for paint.  This means scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding and scraping and sanding……and more scraping and sanding.  Ugh…

I’ve had to face my apprehension of heights this summer as I’ve spent many hours up on scaffold.  Way, way up at the top of the house.  I’ve also had to face my claustrophobic tendencies because I’ve had to wear a dust mask while sanding to keep the lead paint dust out of my lungs.  Who needs a psychologist?  I just need to work on the house!

I’ve also decided I don’t need to joint Crossfit anytime soon.  My work out routine has consisted of running up and down miles stairs, ladders, and scaffolding.  I’ve dead lifted thousands of pounds of rocks, scaffolding, and equipment.  My arm work out is scraping and painting.  Don’t make me use my Karate Kid paint the house move!  I haven’t even mentioned my cardio workout…..chasing the rooster when he gets out of the coop.  A friend suggested I call my work out routine Farmfit and charge people to come out and work on the farm.

Let me know if you want to register for Farmfit….it’s highly unorganized, inconsistent, and ever changing.  I guarantee you’ll sweat….you may even cry….but you won’t touch a barbell!


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3 Responses to Scraping Away

  1. Sandy Walby says:

    OK sign me up!! If it doesn’t kill me it will make me stronger.

  2. Mom says:

    Farmfit! Lovely idea. Your house will be done in a jiffy! The house is loving the work you’re doing to it too. It’s like a facelift for a farm and a body lift for you!

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