Mamma had a doggie and her EYE popped out!

We had an interesting night last night.  We were all tucked in bed by 10 and asleep shortly after.  I was awakened about 12:30 by the youngest in our room crying and saying that the dog’s eyes were freaking him out.  We have a French Bulldog and her eyes bug out of her head on a normal day, so I thought that maybe he’d had a nightmare about her eyes or something.  She’s a hideous little thing with her smushed face and constant snoring and tongue sticking out all the time.  Cute as hell, but hideous at the same time.  So, I went to check things out and assure him that all was well.


Her right eye was popped completely out of its socket.  It was one of the most hideous things I have ever seen!  Uh, YA her eye is freaking you out!  It’s out of her f*cking HEAD!!!

I resisted the urge (and it was strong) to shove it back in her head.  The youngest was crying and blaming himself because she had been sleeping with him.  I assured him that it wasn’t his fault…how could it be, he was asleep!  After deciding that we had no choice but to take her to the doggie ER, I pulled on some pants and headed out.  She was stoic through the whole thing.  It didn’t seem like it hurt, even though it looked like it HAD to hurt.  I wanted to take a picture, but I just couldn’t.  It was so gross and freaky I just couldn’t do it!

The doggie ER was extremely busy.  There was one dog who was hit by a car and in bad shape, another who had to have x rays and ultrasound to check out its digestive tract, kitties mewing….and one French Bulldog with her eye out of her head.  The tech whisked her away, got her sedated and lubed her eye up.  They went over the procedure to get it back in and I was in and out in just over an hour, leaving my pathetic looking drugged up pup behind for the night.

I am leaving to go pick her up here soon.  Apparently, she is likely to lose sight in the eye and it may have to be removed at some point, but for now her eye is back in place and her eye lids are sewn shut to hold it in.  Two weeks with her eye sewn shut and a “cone of shame” in the camper.


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  1. mom says:

    Maybe you need one more thing on your plate! Just a small thing. So tiny you wouldn’t even notice. Wafer thin as they say. Poor puppy! Eye stitches and cone of shame at the same time. Poor babies, all of you!

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