Before and Afters

Before, during and after photos of the projects we encounter.

Before and after – Boy’s Bedroom

Before and after – Kitchen


Before Outside

Front of the house before

Garden before

Burned out house on the property – The former owner tried to thaw pipes with a plumber’s torch…

Barn Before…leaning a bit

Before Inside

Entryway before

Entryway looking towards staircase before

Front “Music Room” before

Front “music room” before. View towards dining room

Dining Room before

Dining Room Before – View towards kitchen

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

More to come!

11 Responses to Before and Afters

  1. Mom says:

    Stop working and start taking pictures…..

    • Landis Arnold says:

      When Grandma Helen (Helen Hopkins Arnold) the “dining room” was her livingroom. The Diningroom was the room to the East just north of the Fireplace and Stairs. Just west she had the Piano. (One of these she callled that the Parlor).

      Nice to see nice decoration around the stairs has weathered some. (I will change my picture soon). Landis Arnold (grandson of Helen, who’s father Horace built the house).

      • admin says:

        Landis, Thank you so much for all your input on the house. We would love to see whatever photos you can dig up and would also love to have you out sometime! We are working hard at getting things done, but the house was is such disrepair when we got here that there is a lot left to do! This summer, the exterior (roof and siding) is on tap….hopefully we can get it right!

  2. Mom says:

    I’ve seen the before and the current! WOW! what a wonderful job you’re both doing!

  3. Aunt Jane says:

    ok. Mom has seen the before and after, what about the rest of us???

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  5. Mom says:

    Ah, the befores are so wonderful! I’d kind of forgotten from whence you’ve come!

  6. Aunt Jane says:

    It looks like the “bones” are really good!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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  8. Mom says:

    Oh, and one more thing, the rug in the kitchen doesn’t show the spongy floor underneath! Nor the drop of an inch of the media room floor.

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