A mini before and after

Our kitchen still doesn’t have doors or drawers on the cabinets.  We’ve been doing things that don’t really before-and-after very well.  Like electric.

Before:  The light does not work….After:  The light works!


Before:  The light works but the electricity is traveling through 90 year old wires and **may or may not** catch the entire house on fire…..After:  There are new wires now in place that you can’t see and the light still works.

Not very exciting stuff.   I am working on putting all the downstairs bathroom pics together, but until then, here is a mini before and after….the kitchen sink.

Here is the kitchen sink area before:

Sink area before

And……sink area after:

Sink area after

The trim around the window was replaced to match the existing trim in the rest of the house.  We found this at Stark Custom Millworks in Denver.  The trim in the kitchen was the only trim that had been removed and replaced, likely in the 50’s.  We are lucky that this is the only room in which we have to replace the trim.  The counter tops are maple butcher block from Lumber Liquidators.  The sink was purchased through Signature Hardware as was the faucet.   The light I actually found at Lowe’s.  Hubby built all the cabinets and we used left over trim around the base of the sink.

What I really want to show you, though, is the curtain under the sink.  It looks cute, doesn’t it?  Very farm-house looking, I think.  The greens match the walls well.  But, it holds a secret…  Zoom in on the curtain and you will see…

John Deere fabric!!

That’s right!  John Deere fabric!  Keeping the hubby’s vision alive, even in the kitchen!  I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and just couldn’t leave it there, it was too perfect.

So, there you go, hope you all approve of this little mini-reveal.

Kitchen Before and After!


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  1. Boudica says:

    It’s beautiful! You guys are doing great work!

  2. Sandy Walby says:

    I like it!

  3. Mom says:

    Love the work that you’ve done! The house loves you! I love the light off, light on mini reveal!

  4. Aunt Jane says:


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