Girly Girly – Before and after

Here’s the full before and after of the eldest’s room.  I posted about her creepy closet before, but here is the whole thing!  We refinished the floors, patched and painted the walls and ceilings, and re-did all the electric.  We still haven’t put pictures on the walls, but you’ll get the idea.

She likes pink, so it had to be pink.  Boy, is it hard to go pink without going Pepto Bismol.

So, here it is before…

Bedroom 2 before


And after…..

Bedroom 2, after


Bedroom 2 facing East

After, facing East

You can see, the camouflaged cat box is in her room and looks much better than a nasty, stinky cat box (in my opinion…you may feel differently).  The bed actually came from Ikea.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the bed and think it fits into the “Victorian” theme pretty well.  Also, the pink rug on the floor is new, but designed to look like an old worn out rug.  I got that at and think it adds a nice *pop* of bright pink.  We also installed a mini chandelier from Lowe’s…maybe it was Home Depot….I don’t know, but isn’t it purdy?


She loves it, and has kept it pretty clean.  We’re just glad to have one more room checked off the list!  Hope you enjoyed!

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5 Responses to Girly Girly – Before and after

  1. Sandy Walby says:

    Looks real Purdue!!

  2. Sandy Walby says:

    Oh, oh, looks like auto changed the spelling from the way you spelled pretty to Purdue.

  3. patjaehn says:

    Very nice. Love the pink, it is so Hannah

  4. Aunt Jane says:

    Very Pretty!!! Megan went pink, too…but her room is PINK!!!! We made the mistake of painting Megan’s room first so the PINK made Michelle’s pale lavender look very dull.

  5. Mom says:

    Love what you’ve done with the house and especially the way each room has its own personality while still being part of the whole lovely home you’re making!

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